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Argument: Labeling is part efforts to stigmatize GM foods

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Supporting quotations

George Misko. "Oppose Mandatory Labeling For Genetically Modified Food Ingredients." Food & Drug Packaging. July, 1999: "Why is [labeling] proposed? Because the proponents wish to stigmatize those products with a label notice that has the effect of a warning. And stigmatize, such a label will. To cite one example: In the United Kingdom, the popular press has, through a campaign of misinformation, created near-hysteria by slanderously referring to food products containing GMO derivatives as 'Frankenstein Foods.'

Let there be no mistake. This debate is not one of ethics, `consumer right to know' or other high-sounding principles. It is about getting GMO foods off the grocer's shelves. Supported by a suspicious and misinformed public, urged on by sensationalist media, many proponents of such labeling wish to achieve a ban by using this Committee's labeling recommendations to effectively enact it."

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