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Argument: Keystone XL helps US avoid buying oil from volatile regions

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Supporting quotations

Brad Carson, the director of the National Energy Policy Institute, said to Living on Earth in June of 2011: "the dynamics of the oil market are important to remember here. Because right now, we are sending trillions of dollars a year to often hostile regimes, or regimes that are ambivalent toward the United States."[1]

"The Keystone XL Pipeline." Letter to the Editor by the Canadian Envoy. August 29th, 2011: "The study found that the pipeline would substantially reduce American dependency on oil from volatile regions, including the Middle East. Keystone XL will also carry stranded Bakken crude from North Dakota and Montana to major American refineries."

Russell K. Girling, TransCanada Corporation. "The proposed Keystone XL pipeline will be built responsibly." The Hill. July 13th, 2011: "The United States consumes 15 million barrels of oil per day and imports 11 million. Keystone XL offers Americans the choice of receiving their oil from a friendly, secure supplier in Canada, instead of importing crude from unstable, volatile foreign nations such as Venezuela, Libya and other areas of the Middle East."

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