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Argument: Journalism can monetize demand without government bailout

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Supporting quotations

Declan McCullagh. "Should you be taxed to subsidize 'The New York Times'?". CNET. September 28, 2007 - "I'm not sure what's going to happen to newspapers in their current form, but I am optimistic about the future of journalism. My own employer, CNET Networks, has found a way to make money by publishing news and reviews without collecting taxpayer handouts. If readers (or viewers) continue to want original reporting, and I believe they will, news organizations will find a way to meet that market demand. Without a taxpayer bailout, newspapers may not look exactly like they do today, but journalism itself will remain alive and well."

Keith Cameron. "Bailing out print journalism would only prolong the inevitable". Northern Star. April 15, 2009: "The industry as a whole does not need to be saved, and news reporting can still be profitable without government aid."

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