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Argument: JD/MBA allows lawyers to better identify with clients

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Supporting quotations

"Advantages of a JD/MBA." JDMBA at BlogSpot. July 6th, 2005: "More credibility: As a lawyer your clients (business people) will respect you more if they feel you can understand their business and financial statements, etc. An MBA may help here. This may help you with rainmaking (bringing in clients) or making partner at a law firm (which is a business itself) down the road. This does not imply that without an MBA you cannot be credible. Most attorneys learn what they need to about business on the job and do just fine."

"Introduction to the JD/MBA Dual Degree." "should you choose to stay at a law firm, you will have more in common with your clients, many of whom will have MBA’s themselves. You can better understand their businesses and can translate this understanding into strong client relationships. This level of insight can be very valuable."

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