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Argument: Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, not simply nuclear energy

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Supporting evidence

  • Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies Ray Takeyh writes in the 12/21/05 edition of the Financial times that, "After nearly three decades of acrimony and tension, Iran’s reactionaries perceive that conflict with the US is inevitable and that the only manner of preserving the regime’s security and Iran’s territorial integrity is through possession of the “strategic weapon”. Although, today, the US may seem entangled in an Iraqi quagmire that tempers its ambitions, for Iran’s rulers, it is still an aggressive state whose power cannot be discounted and whose intentions must not be trusted."
  • The AIPAC presents the following points (2/9/07):
    • Using nuclear power for electricity is far more expensive than oil and gas for Iran, which has 90 years of oil and 220 years of gas reserves at current production rates, according to a 2006 Department of Energy (DOE) report.
    • It does not make economic sense to invest billions of dollars in uranium enrichment and heavy water facilities, as Iran is doing, when nuclear reactor fuel can be purchased much more inexpensively on the international market.
    • Iran’s claims that it is developing civilian nuclear power production capabilities to become energyindependent are undermined by the fact that the regime only has enough domestic uraniumreserves to support the county’s proposed nuclear program for 10-20 years. However, these resources are more than enough to supply material for an arsenal of atomic bombs.


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