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Argument: Iowa and New hampshire are unrepresentative of the US

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Is primary system fair?". January 5, 2008 - "Why should we take our lead from states like Iowa and New Hampshire, which didn’t even crack the top five in a 2007 Associated Press study to determine which states best mirror the nation as a whole. That honor -- based on 21 demographic factors studied by the AP -- goes to Illinois. Rounding out the top 5 are Oregon, Michigan, Washington and Delaware. New Hampshire’s in the bottom five, for crying out loud."
  • "Pull The Plug On Iowa and New Hampshire". December 20, 2007 - "And look at the portrait of voters. A group of Iowa voters may resemble a Norman Rockwell painting, but they don't reflect the general population of the United States. Iowans are 91.5 percent white, compared with 66.9 percent of Americans. A swelling Hispanic community today makes up 14.4 percent of the national population, but only 3.7 percent of Iowa's. And Barack Obama must sometimes feel lonely in a state that is only 2.3 percent African-American, compared with 12.8 percent nationwide."

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