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Argument: Iowa and New Hampshire help reveal the candidates to the nation

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Parent debate

Supporting Evidence

  • Voters in New Hampshire and Iowa can test the candidates

January 8, 2008 "Unfortunately, some people are complaining that using Iowa and New Hampshire as the first two presidential tests is a bad idea because they don't serve as a good representation of the United States. Regardless of the critics, the citizens of these two states have embraced their role and honed their ability to judge the character and endurance of a candidate. Primary season is a well calculated marathon, not a sprint, and each state involved in these elections is intended to test a candidate's ability to individually appeal to separate demographics of the United States. Next up is South Carolina, a heavily black and southern state and then Nevada, a state with a large Hispanic population. Our primary system is a tried and true method of testing candidates and an American tradition unlike any other in the world. Overall, it's good for the parties, its good for the candidates and it's good for our democracy."

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