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Argument: Information obtained through waterboarding is unreliable

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Waterboarding Is Torture, Says Ex-Navy Instructor". Washington Post. November 9, 2007 - "Malcolm Wrightson Nance, a counterterrorism specialist who taught at the Navy's Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) school in California, likened waterboarding to drowning and said those who experience it will say or do anything to make it stop, rendering the information they give nearly useless...At a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing yesterday, Nance and Air Force Col. Steven Kleinman, a senior intelligence officer with decades of experience, said waterboarding is an ineffective tool for gathering information. Nance said that waterboarding sets off a fear of impending death and that people will say anything to get out of it."

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