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Argument: ICC is very unlikely to prosecute US War in Iraq

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Supporting quotations

"U.S. Policy Regarding the International Criminal Court". Congressional Research Service. 29 Aug. 2006 - "A recent determination by the ICC’s Chief Prosecutor seems to demonstrate a reluctance to launch an investigation against the United States based on allegations regarding its conduct in Iraq. On February 9, 2006, the Chief Prosecutor issued a letter explaining his reasons for declining to launch an investigation despite multiple submissions by private groups urging action against the United States. In addition to acknowledging the limits of the Court’s jurisdiction, which he noted precluded pursuing charges based on the legality of the decision to invade, the Prosecutor noted that the allegations about U.S. nationals’ behavior during the Iraq occupation were 'of a different order than the number of victims found in other situations under investigation,' and concluded that the allegations were of insufficient gravity to warrant an investigation."

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