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Argument: Humans have the right to choose to practice cloning

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Supporting quotations

"Why cloning people is a good idea". Everything 2. Retrieved June 7th, 2008 - "Cloning is the freedom to choose. We have that right. The only ones out there who think we don't are the theists, whose ideological basis is that they are slaves anyway to some invisible master. These people believe it is wrong to "create" life. We create life every time we plant a plant or breed livestock. We create life every time we mate, but that union's outcome is random. Humans aren't special. Our planet takes up such a tiny part of the universe and so many things could kill us off. We need every bit of luck and innovation to survive...For all of us who believe that essentially we are born free, at least in this let it be so. We may be crushed under the heel of a government, "owned" from birth by the State, subject to laws we never agreed to follow and with nowhere to run to escape them. At least let us be free in who our young are. Let us be free to start children off in life without any random dice rolls. To know what is coming is not a terrible thing. It is a blessing everyone desires."

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