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Argument: Higher education is not an international human right

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Supporting quotes from the Economist Online Debate Series

  • garynburk, commenter. Economist Online Debate Series. December 12, 2007 15:35 - "We are nor born with the right to be educated. Neither a government or a university is in any way obligated to provide an education to all who could benefit. A government should do so if it is either the will of or to the advantage of those it governs. Likewise a University may find that offering its resources to any who qualify academically is advantageous. However, that case would need to be demonstrated to those who fund that university if their continued support is expected. Education is a product and, like other products, should be distributed as determined by economics. Those economkic cosiderations must include the aspects of education that make it unique but finally should still be determined by market forces."


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