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Argument: Graduated response is a draconian policy

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Supporting quotations

Andrew Heaney, director of strategy and regulation at TalkTalk: "We have always said that oppressive and ultimately futile deterrents are not the solution to the music industry's woes."[1]

Computer & Communications Industry Association President Ed Black said in a statement: "This is not about flagrant copyright infringement, which we oppose. This is about using an Uzi to combat mosquitoes."

Leslie Harris - President & CEO, CDT: "When you view cutting off a person's Internet access in these terms – those most familiar to the average American -- the punishment hardly seems to fit run-of-the-mill alleged copyright violations.”[2]

Google said about disconnecting users after a third strike that it is "a remedy that is disproportionate to the harm of copyright infringement online."[3]

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