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Argument: Govt in graduated response invites mission creep

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Supporting quotations

David Sohn. "Graduated response: Inviting FCC Mission Creep?" Center for Democracy and Technology. February 24, 2010: "What's wrong with that? It's an invitation to major mission creep. "The FCC's job is to execute and enforce federal communications law. It has no authority and no role in enforcing other laws. Lots of unlawful activity -- from intellectual property infringement to racketeering to securities fraud to deceptive advertising -- may occur over or using communications networks. But that doesn't make it the FCC's job to police such activity. The FCC's focus is, and should remain, promoting the availability of high quality communications capabilities in the United States -- not policing what users do with those capabilities. [...] In addition, the only reason to involve the FCC would be to force the entities the FCC regulates -- communications providers, and in particular ISPs -- to start actively policing I.P. infringement. Having government force ISPs to take on this new role should raise serious red flags."

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