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Argument: Global education necessary to compete in global marketplace

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Parent debate

Supporting quotes from the Economist Online Debate Series

  • Frances Cairncross, The Proposition's closing statement. The Economist Debate Series: Education. Dec 19th 2007 - "This has been a wonderfully lively debate, a testament to the global intellectual community that Economist readers represe"The most difficult argument against throwing open the halls of learning to all-comers seems to me to be this one. A university education virtually guarantees a more successful career and higher lifetime earnings. The universities that students fight hardest to enter are – surprise, surprise – those that deliver the largest lifetime premia. At Oxford University, the academic community has just finished interviewing candidates for an undergraduate place next October. Turning down a student – and ineivtably, many do not secure places - is terribly stressful for the academics involved. Each student who is turned away loses not just the possibility of one of the world’s finest undergraduate educations – but potentially a significant premium on his or her lifetime earnings. Of course, there are robust and clever youngsters who slip through the net, go somewhere else and do even better in life in spite of – or perhaps because of – this rejection (my own daughter is one of them). But overall, the figures show that top universities deliver top earnings and opportunities."
  • jankelevich, commenter. Economist Online Debate Series. Education 2. December 13, 2007 06:51 - "I believe that a multicultural educational environment is the best way for students to understand the world and be prepared to face the new rules of the knowledge society. Globalisation doesn't recognize frontiers. The hypercompetitive environment we are inmerse today require flexible an adaptable talents to different working environments. Globalization doesn't recognize frontiers and it doesn't matter toady where are you located if you have the knowledge needed to succeed.Then, I believe that countries should open their frontiers and compete to attract the most qualified talents, no matter their nationalities."
  • The Global Community College. Retrieved 10.11.07 - "Students must become globally literate and capable of competing internationally. Schools of all sizes are obligated to provide the education that develops a globally and multiculturally competent citizenry."

Global education is essential to emerging business minds

  • Global Community College. "The World is Changing". Retrieved 10.11.07 - "The learner who is entering today's job market must be prepared to work effectively in this interconnected, interdependent environment."
  • "Policy Directive on Internationalizing Education". Office the Chancellor of Georgia. March 8, 1995 - "The University System will achieve world-class status by empowering its institutions to enable their faculty, students, and staff to participate effectively in a global society. Strategic alliances, partnerships and other collaborative initiatives will link the University System with other parts of the world and bring other parts of the world to Georgia. The synergy thus achieved will provide the international perspective and crosscultural competence required for Georgians to participate fully and effectively as leaders in a global society."

Global education can help spur domestic economic growth

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