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Argument: Georgian membership would strengthen the NATO alliance

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Supporting quotations

Vladimir Socor. "NATO members stating the case for Georgian and Ukrainian Membership Action Plans". Eurasian Daily Monitor. March 21, 2008 - on March 19, ten NATO member countries wrote to the alliance’s Secretary-General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, urging that Georgia and Ukraine be granted MAPs at the upcoming summit (BNS, March 20). Canada and the countries that joined NATO in the two enlargement rounds -- three Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovenia -- co-signed the document. The missing signature is Hungary’s, whose Socialist government (unlike Socialists in the governments of co-signatory countries) conducts a Hungarian mini-version of Ostpolitik with Russia.

The document argues that it is in NATO’s interest and to the benefit of Euro-Atlantic security and stability to integrate Georgia and Ukraine further. It recalls that each round of enlargement has, despite initial doubts, strengthened the Alliance. Furthermore, a negative response to Georgia and Ukraine would generate doubts about NATO’s continuation of its Open Door policy, would deprive Ukraine and Georgia of a chance to choose their place in the European security architecture, and would leave the impression that outside factors were able to exert influence on the alliance ’s decision making.

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