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Argument: General statements supporting graduated response

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Supporting quotations

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry lawyer Shira Perlmutter said in August of 2010 that graduated response mechanisms as an "idea whose time has come."[1]

Annemarie Bridy. "Graduated Response and the Turn to Private Ordering in Online Copyright Enforcement." University of Idaho College of Law. March 4, 2010: "This article seeks to explain, in the context of evolving network management technology and its impact on intermediary liability rules, why the time may be ripe for broadband providers and corporate rights owners to renegotiate their respective roles in the project of online copyright enforcement. Following an analysis of the turn to private ordering and technology-based mechanisms for policing copyrights online, this article proposes a set of principles to guide the implementation of graduated response regimes so that consumers, who have come to rely on uninterrupted Internet access for everything from banking to blogging, do not fall victim to immature filtering technologies and overzealous enforcement."

The Queen of England supports graduated response in the UK, saying, in an understated way: "My Government will introduce a Bill to ensure the communications infrastructure is fit for the digital age, supports future economic growth, delivers competitive communications and enhances public service broadcasting."[2]

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