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Argument: General statements of support for nuclear energy

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Supporting positions and quotations

Famous economist Jeffrey Sachs, distinguished professor of sustainability from Columbia University, has endorsed nuclear energy as the pivotal clean technology.[1]

nuclear energy endorsement has come from former NSW premier Bob Carr, and chairman of the Commonwealth Bank and the Great Barrier Reef Trust John Schubert, as well as from Paul Howes, national secretary of the Australian Workers Union.[2]

nuclear energy technology has received strong endorsement at recent conferences held by industrial groups in Australia and overseas. At the Emissions Trading Conference sponsored by the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, the managing director of EnergyAustralia, George Maltobarow, wanted nuclear energy to be recognised as a less costly alternative to "renewables" and "clean coal" in any Australian carbon trading scheme.[3]

Jared Diamond, author of the best-selling book Guns, Germs and Steel, became the latest and most prominent environmental intellectual to endorse nuclear power as a necessary response to global warming.[4]

Prime Minister Tony Blair[5]

Famed scientist Sir James Lovelock[6]

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