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Argument: Free trade can benefit the hostile interests of some countries

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Supporting evidence

  • Patrick J. Buchanan. "Free Trade is Not Free, Mr. President". The American Cause. May, 2001 - "A third cost of free trade is the corruption of conservatism and the mass conversion of American capitalists into the pimps of hostile powers. Since 1990, China has amassed $400 billion in trade surpluses with the U.S. That cash hoard has financed the largest military buildup in Asia since Japan in the ‘30s. Beijing had used it to buy Russian destroyers, subs and Sunburn anti-ship missiles and Lavi fighters and Python air-to-air missiles from Israel. What is this Chinese arsenal for? To fight and kill the U.S. Pacific fleet.
American companies and consumers are giving China the dollars to put Shane Osborn and his crew at risk of their lives in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. The Clintonites are not the only ones corrupted by soft money. Conservatives who celebrated the Reagan 'strategy of denial' toward Moscow now tell us that feeding the Asian tiger will domesticate it.
But when does that occur? Before, or after, Beijing has targeted 600 missiles on Taiwan and U.S. bases in Japan and Korea?
Love of money is the root of all evil, said St. Paul. To acolytes of our new religion of Economism, love of money is the way to convert the barbarian to democracy."

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