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Argument: Frats need faculty mentors, not ban

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Supporting quotations

Charles Eberly. "Unfairly Singled Out." New York Times Room for Debate. May 5, 2011: "As for the role of the drinking culture on college campuses, it is far more complex than just addressing that segment associated with fraternity membership. Severely regulating fraternity member group or individual behavior, or members of other student organizations, is a knee-jerk response to a much bigger issue that faculty members face on American campuses. Faculty members are not rewarded for working with students outside the classroom, and those who do are discouraged by their department chairs. As one vice president of academic affairs once told me, "If I were advising a young faculty member about using his time advising a student group, I would tell him the time he spent with the group could have been better spent researching and preparing another article for publication." Few campus fraternity chapters have faculty members as advisers. Until students have role models among the faculty who are willing to walk with the students on their turf, wrestle with the personal issues students face outside the classroom as they mature, and come back week after week to support them, very little will change."

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