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Argument: Foreign students are often attractive to universities simply because they can pay

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If the Proposition meant what it said, it might address the financial aspect as well - "regardless of nationality, or residence, or ability to pay". A telling omission. Note that the necessary implication of arguments put forward on both sides is that these students are qualified first by their wealth, later by their talent - both sides note the financial advantages of charging foreign students extra. The arguments about the supposed cultural advantages of the system must be seen in the light of this little factoid."
  • lderito, commenter. Economist Online Debates, Education 2. December 11, 2007 11:24 - "there is a very fine line between attracting academic excellence from abroad whilst also protecting the places of those local students that are financially forced to stay where they are and, as a result, should not be pushed out of the system by families that are better off and are capable of shipping their children around the world in search of the best education."

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