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Argument: Foreign students favored in university admissions because they pay more

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Supporting quotes from the Economist debate series

  • Dagny. Commenter, Economist Debate Series, Education 2. December 14, 2007 - "Is it not true that foreign students are often -- whether it is forthrightly admitted or not -- given preference over local students in admissions at very competitive British universities simply because of the high tuition fees they bring with them? That, to me, is much more of a threat to local students than the mere presence of foreign students. If I were a well-qualified local student I would certainly resent being turned down in favour of an equally qualified international student simply because their tuition fees are higher. Correct me if this does not happen, but I have heard it certainly does. (I'm Canadian and have long considered applying to graduate studies in the UK, and many times people have reassured me that I stand a better chance simply because I have to pay so much more.)"


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