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Argument: Facilitating military recruitment through NCLB is wrong

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Sandra Nichols. "When NCLB Standards Meet Reality". April 26, 2003 - Along with accountability and standards, NCLB has tentacles that wrap around various other aspects of a school. Information about the details trickles down to the people as individual children, schools and their programs become affected.

Take, for example, the way it has recently surfaced in the news locally that schools are required by NCLB to turn over student information to the military for recruitment purposes. No matter what an individual's perception is with regards to this nation's military, I suspect that people want to know if and when this is going to affect them.

Parents have the right to opt-out of this reporting procedure. Personally, I want there to be no communication breakdown here. Regulations permit student information (name, address, phone number) to be made available to the military unless you let the school know that you object. I invite you to email me, if you experience difficulty.

Joel Bleifuss. "No Child Left Unrecruited". December 6, 2002 - In another sign of the U.S. military’s increasing encroachment into civilian life, all high schools are now obligated to provide the Pentagon with the names, addresses and phone numbers of their juniors and seniors. Any school that refuses to comply with these provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act and this year’s National Defense Authorization Act stands to loose all federal funding.

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