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Argument: Facebook law will hardly impact online/sexual abuse

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Supporting quotations

Casey Chan. "Missouri Has Banned Teachers from Being Facebook Friends with Students." Gizmodo. August 1, 2011: "It's supposed to protect anything illicit from ever happening because, uh duh, all those improper statutor-ish relationships begin on Facebook. It's an incubator for rape! It's hell on the internet! Come on. It's pretty silly to think that blocking student and teacher "Facebook friendships" could ever stop this from happening when the weirdos and creepers who get into these nasty messes STILL SEE EACH OTHER IRL EVERYDAY."

Josh Wolford. "Should Teachers And Students Be Friends on Facebook?" Web Pro News. August 1, 2011: "it’s hard to argue that social media makes it easier for illicit relationships to continue, if those are the intentions of the parties involved."

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