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Argument: Experimenting with technology in education is the only way to make progress

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Supporting evidence

  • Frank (online debater). Economist Debate Series. October 20, 2007 - "The argument should not be about 'technology', whatever exactly that might be, it should be about experimentation. Should we or should we not experiment, using new methods, materials and techniques in the quest for improved educational success. The case for is that its the only way to learn what works. The case against is that it means using generations of children as guinea pigs. I count myself as a progressive and support experimentation. Indeed, I would like to see education liberalised from state control so that experimentation, and the learning that will flow from it, can proceed more rapidly and efficiently. But conservatives have a powerful argument in favour of sticking with the tried and tested, as experimentation means some children will end up in the failed experiments, imparing their life chances. I would hope that the majority of Economist readers would be in the progressive camp, and that the Nay's shall prevail."

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