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Argument: Executions give solace to families; killer will never kill again

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Supporting quotations

Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe Columnist. "The feeble 'arguments' against capital punishment". Jewish World Review. June 19th, 2001 - "Ham's "closure" argument, meanwhile, is simply uninformed. The families of murder victims do not stop mourning when the killer dies, but for many, there is indeed a measure of solace in knowing that the monster who destroyed their loved one will never hurt anyone again. Abolishing executions certainly won't bring "closure" to grieving relatives. On the contrary, it will deepen their torment, mocking them each time they remember that the person they loved is in the grave, while his killer continues to breathe."

Peter Bronson. "A cruel penalty for victims". Cincinnati Enquirer. 3 Feb. 2003 - Death penalty opponents who twist the truth to protect killers are also torturing victims' families.

Gregory Kane. "To murder victims' families, executing killers is justice". Baltimore Sun. 5 Feb. 2003 - "The pain of homicide victims' relatives never ends. It chips away at their souls and psyches year after depressing year."

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