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Argument: Effects of geoengineering could cause international conflict

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Parent debate

Extended argument

Geoengineering techniques could have serious unintended and detrimental effects on many people and ecosystems. Any effects on the resources necessary to the lives of the population of a country will lead to political strife and controversy. Governments will try to make sure that their people are provided for and well, leaving the issue of CO2 levels on the back burner while they care for the current predicament. Using geoengineering to help forestall global warming so greener policies can be allowed to take hold and be developed, therefore, would be counterproductive since we would be putting our effort and resources into developing geoengineering instead of using that money and brains to get straight to the main problem and find a solution to the heart of the matter.

Supporting quotations

Jamais Cascio. "It's Time to Cool the Planet." The Wall Street Journal. June 15th, 2009: "the deployment of geoengineering would lead to international tension. Who decides what the ideal temperature would be? Russia? India? The U.S.? Who's to blame if Country A's geoengineering efforts cause a drought in Country B?"

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