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Argument: Economic globalization is the best way to improve living standards globally

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Supporting evidence

  • Professors Peter Lindert of UC Davis and Jeffrey Williamson of Harvard, "Does Globalization Make the World More Unequal?", 2001, p. 25 - They assert that there are no examples of countries that have risen in the ranks of global living standards while being less open to trade and capital in the 1990s than in the 1960. The say that "there are no anti-global victories to report for the postwar" developing world.
  • “Poverty in an Age of Globalization “, The World Bank ,October 2000 “Globalization has played an important catalytic role in reducing poverty in developing countries through its impact on growth. More open economies, and those who have been more successful in accelerating their pace of integration, have recorded the best growth performance, whereas developing countries with inward-oriented policies have suffered from poor growth rates. A recent study estimates that an increase in the ratio of trade to GDP by one percent raises the level of income by one-half to two percent (Frankel and Romer, 1999). By stimulating higher growth, integration can have a strong positive impact on poverty reduction.”


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