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Argument: Developed nations have given too little climate aid

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Supporting quotations

"Rich nations failing to meet climate aid pledges." Guardian. February 20th, 2009: "Developing countries have received less than 10% of the money promised by rich countries to help them adapt to global warming, an analysis by the Guardian has found. [...] The failure is fostering deep distrust between rich and poor nations and is seriously undermining key negotiations on a global climate deal. [...] The world's richest countries have together pledged nearly $18bn (£12.5bn) in the last seven years, but despite world leaders' rhetoric that the finance is vital, less than $0.9bn has been disbursed and long delays are plaguing many funds."

Bernarditas Muller of the Phillippines, the chief negotiator for the G77 and China group of developing countries, said in February of 2009: "It's a scandal. The amount the developed countries have provided is peanuts. It is poisoning the UN negotiations. What [the rich countries] offer to the poorest is derisory, the equivalent of one banker's bonus. It's an insult to people who are already experiencing increasingextreme events."[1]

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