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Argument: Deterrence does not work

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Supporting quotations

  • "New York's 1978 Juvenile Offender Law (...) lowered the age of criminal court jurisdiction to thirteen for murder, and to fourteen for rape, robbery, assault, and violent categories of burglary. Singer and McDowell analyzed juvenile arrest rates in New York for four years prior to the enactment of the law, and six years after. These rates were compared with those for control groups of thirteen and fourteen year olds in Philadelphia, and with slightly older offenders in New York. The researchers found that the threat of adult criminal sanctions had no effect on the levels of serious juvenile crime." [Singer, Simon I., and David McDowell, 1988,, "Criminalizing Delinquency: The Deterrent Effects of the New York Juvenile Offender Law", Law and Society Review 22:521-35; cited in "Bishop, Donna, "Juvenile Offenders in the Adult Criminal System", 27 Crime and Justice 81 (2000)"]

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