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Argument: Crime-ridden communities have right to demand and install cameras

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Supporting quotations

Ken Garcia. "Debate over crime cameras brings out the clueless in S.F.". The Examiner. January 20, 2007 - You can expect any issue that loosely covers the term civil liberties to bring out the masses in San Francisco, and the hearing on surveillance cameras didn’t disappoint, with more than 100 people testifying on the promise and evils of the new eyes in the sky. Of course, Big Brother was mentioned, as was George Orwell’s dark futuristic vision in “1984’’ — and there were even a few facts mentioned, such as the revelation that San Francisco has some really crime-ridden neighborhoods, and that you can’t place a police officer on every corner of The City.

Yet, thankfully there was one argument that commissioners just couldn’t brush aside. And that is that people who live in and near neighborhoods rife with prostitution, drug-dealing, robberies and frenetic gang acti- vity desperately want surveillance cameras, and the more the better. It’s a cry that’s been heard for some time around town, and given the relatively paltry cost of the equipment. it seems but a trifle to fret over.

"Eye on the City: Do Cameras Reduce Crime?". Marcus Baram. "Eye on the City: Do Cameras Reduce Crime?". ABC. July 9, 2007 - Over the last few years, the Chicago Police Department has set up more than 500 cameras throughout the city. And the CPD claims that the web of surveillance has been an important crime-fighting tool, resulting in more than 1,200 arrests since February 2006.

"Our preliminary research shows that they are effective, especially left in places for over 180 days," said Jonathan Lewin, the CPD's commander of information services. "Once it's in, it's hard to move because the community loves it. If they don't see the camera there one day, we get calls."

"Crime cameras". Sunday Times. October 26, 2008 - I think people and businesses in the community will support the installation of cameras at strategic locations such as the corner of road 701 and 751 (an area noted for hijackings and armed robberies of taxi passengers) and the unit 9 circle. The public and police can locate places in the suburbs where further cameras can be installed, including shopping centres.

Given the high rates of crime, hijackings and drug abuse in our suburbs, these high-mast cameras can be of vital help to the police.

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