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Argument: Courtroom rants of terrorists only expose them as hateful fools

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Supporting quotations

Attorney General Eric Holder said in Congressional hearings in November of 2009 on his decision to try 9/11 terrorists in New York civilian courts: "I’m not scared of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has to say at trial, and no one else needs to be afraid either."[1]

Stuart Taylor. "No Need To Fear A Manhattan Terrorist Trial." National Journal. November 21, 2009: "Propaganda. Although the defendants will probably try to turn the trial into an America-bashing circus (again, as they would with a military commission), their hate-filled rhetoric will make them look more like murderers of innocents than the righteous warriors they claim to be. That was the apparent effect of Moussaoui's bizarre rants in a federal courtroom in Alexandria, Va., before he pleaded guilty. He wasted years of the court's time. But he won few converts, if any."

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