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Argument: Controversy hides all the good coming from frats

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Supporting quotations

Charles Eberly. "Unfairly Singled Out." New York Times Room for Debate. May 5, 2011: "negative consequences surrounding the actions of fraternity and sorority members seem to be highlighted with far greater frequency than the positive outcomes associated with membership. Typical of the latter are examples from a fraternity chapter I counsel at Eastern Illinois University. One member who is graduating with a master's in school counseling developed a program on healthy men's development that is presented to all new members of the college's fraternity system each year, and another brother created a charity to support a local children's advocacy center. Yet a third is running marathons in all 50 states to support suicide prevention in memory of a brother who committed suicide in 2008. The chapter is planning a fund raising drive to construct a wishing well on campus in coordination with another fraternity chapter that lost brothers in a bus accident, with the contributions going to the children’s advocacy center."

"In Defense of Fraternities: The Neglected Positive Qualities." Alphi Chi Omega Florida State University. March 18th, 2011: "One of the simplest and easiest ways to show that Greek organizations on campus give back to the college and surrounding community is through each organization's devotion to volunteering and fundraising. Each Greek organization on campus participates in Do-It-Day, Habitrot for Humanity, Halloween on Vernon, Take Back the Night, and Relay for Life. Kappa Kappa Gamma works with ACES (Annual Community Events Staff), Achieve Hartford!, OPMAD (Organized Parents Make A Difference), and Making Strides. Alpha Delta Phi raised over $3,000 at the last Relay for Life and helps with after-school programs like Game Night in the Hartford public school system. Pi Kappa Alpha turned in 534 hours of volunteering last semester alone. The chair of Campus Climate and Campus Outreach are both Sigma Nu brothers. Zeta Omega Eta hosts a Young Women's Leadership Forum for middle-school aged girls, and has started its own program, "Fairy Godmother" to help clothe underprivileged girls. Psi Upsilon donates the proceeds of its annual "Tropical" party to deserving charities, and donated $2,500 to the Craig Hospital Foundation last year. The Ivy Society additionally participates in National Gordie Day and often dedicates its parties to specific causes - this Halloween's party proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Breast Foundation. Cleo also participates in ACES and Campus Climate, like other organizations, but also has affiliations with Dream Camp and ConnPIRG. Theta Delta Sigma volunteers 15-20 hours a week at the Boys and Girls Club and is involved with Zeta in the formation of the Fairy Godmother Project."

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