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Argument: Cloned humans should have equal rights

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Supporting quotations

"Equal Rights for Clones". Xanga. April 23rd, 2008 - "I'm sad to say that my beloved xanga community is a hotbed of rampant discrimination. Accounts I admire and respect are hating on me because of the manner of my creation. I can't help being a second generation account. It's not my fault I was created. Don't I deserve the chance to earn respect based on my own words and actions? Don't I deserve to experience love based on my own character and personality? Can't we all just get along? Where is the love, xanga?"

Brendan Tobin of the Irish Center for Human Rights, an author of a 2006 UN report on cloning: "Failure to outlaw reproductive cloning means it is just a matter of time until cloned individuals share the planet. If failure to compromise continues, the world community must accept responsibility and ensure that any cloned individual receives full human rights protection. It will also need to embark on an extensive awareness building and sensitivity program to ensure that the wider society treats clones with respect and ensure they are protected against prejudice, abuse or discrimination."[1]

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