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Argument: Climate aid feeds corrupt, anti-democratic govts

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Supporting quotations

Kenneth Green. "Guilt Gelt." New York Times, Room for Debate. December 11, 2009: "history suggests this [adaptation aid] will be steered to the worst kleptocratic governments on the planet, many of which don’t like either the European Union or the United States. There’s a reason that the poorest countries are poor: they lack the institutions of classical liberal societies. [...] Tossing out guilt-gelt to developing countries is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and most likely a waste of time. What the developing countries need to do to be safe from climate change is to develop quickly into modern liberal democracies."

"What a rort! Billions for corrupt regimes." Australian Conservative. December 9, 2009: "One of the major problems with this approach is that nations like Australia – read taxpayers – would be handing over billions of dollars to the most corrupt regimes in the world.

Bangladesh ranks 139 out of 180 nations and Burma 178 out of 180 on an international corruption index.

So we are expected to hand over our billions to corrupt dictators and despots, with little likelihood the money will ever be properly accounted for.

What a rort."

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