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Argument: Child beauty contests worsen pedophilia, sex abuse

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Child beauty pageants. Um, no." Lovelyish. January 15th, 2011: "Another problem I have is that these kids are from the same parents who bitch and moan about pedophiles and perverted men watching their kids. Yes, these men are disgusting creatures and every parent has a right to not want them near their children. However, why are you vehemently boycotting pedophiles and other sick people all the while doing this to your kid. Yes, predators are fully responsible for their own actions; these mothers aren't telling them what to do. It just wouldn't be a bad idea if the parent would reevaluate their actions when they start wondering why their child is being stared at by an adult."

Kareen Nussbaum. "Children and Beauty Pageants": "'Pageants are hard and you try to remember all those steps, sometimes they give me crowns that are hard to balance', says Gabrielle, a child participant since eleven months of age. At five years old, Gabrielle wants to quit the pageant experience and her mother respects her decision. This stage mother is an opposing example of the aggressive behavior that is confronted throughout the pageants; Gabrielle's mom accepts her decision and honors it. Gabrielle now hopes to start a modeling career, once again no mention of further education. 'It's a little girl dream, dreams have to start somewhere', says Dorothy, a sixteen year old, competing for twelve years. That's true, dreams do start from somewhere, maybe a movie, book or even a person, but at the age of four and younger, is it always right to start acting out the dream? Dreams are not always meant to be fulfilled, sometimes they are not in our power to accomplish, but do we need to know the harsh realities of unfulfilled dreams and disappointment at such a tender age."

Cathy Enns. "Set Up to Fail: Child Beauty Pageants--An Editorial." Empower Her. May 17th, 2011: "One can’t help but think about how many pedophiles must follow the circuit or tune in to the TLC reality show 'Toddlers and Tiaras."

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