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Argument: Capitalism grossly misdirects money to military

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According to the 1998 UN Human Development Report, the additional cost of achieving and maintaining universal access to basic education for all, basic health care, reproductive health care for all women, adequate food and clean water and safe sewers (in other words, ending poverty) would amount to roughly $40 billion a year. The current military budget for the entire world is $1.1 trillion a year. This is 27.5 times the amount that would be need to ensure universal access to all of those things. And the military budget is only one part of the money that is spent on killing each other or coming up with news ways to kill each other (it excludes the arms trade which is very profitable - the Stockholm International peace research institute estimated that in 2006 the top 100 arms companies produced about $315 billion worth of weapons). In other words, in capitalism as it stands today, we could end world poverty with less than 1/27th of part of the amount of money we spend on killing each other (possibly 1/35th of the total amount).

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