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Argument: Cap-and-trade systems are susceptible to distortion by lobby groups

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Columnist Anne Applebaum, Washington Post. "Global Warming's Simple Remedy". 6 Feb. 2007: I no longer believe that a complicated carbon trading regime — in which industries trade emissions "credits" — would work within the United States … So much is at stake for so many industries that the legislative process to create it would be easily distorted by their various lobbies. Any lasting solutions will have to be extremely simple, and — because of the cost implicit in reducing the use and emissions of fossil fuels — will also have to benefit those countries that impose them in other ways. Fortunately, there is such a solution, one that is grippingly unoriginal, requires no special knowledge of economics and is easy for any country to implement. It’s called a carbon tax, and it should be applied across the board …

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