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Argument: Cameras can deter anti-social behavior such as littering

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Supporting quotations

Adrienne Isnard, Townsville City Council. "Can surveillance cameras be successful in preventing crime and controlling anti-social behavior?". Australia Institute of Criminology. August 2, 2001 - "Originally surveillance cameras systems were installed to deter burglary, assault and car theft but their use has been extended to include combating 'anti social behaviour', such as littering, urinating in public, traffic violations, obstruction, and drunkenness (Davies 1998). CCTV systems are being used increasingly to police public morals and public order. A British Home Office promotional booklet, CCTV: Looking Out For You (Home Office, 1994), actually states that the technology can be a solution to such problems as vandalism, drug use, drunkenness, racial harassment, sexual harassment, loitering and disorderly behaviour (Davis 1999)."

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