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Argument: Buy everyone a bike instead of digging a tunnel

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Supporting quotations

Tom Fucoloro. "Instead of a tunnel, let’s buy every person in our state a bike." Seattle Bike Blog. January 31st, 2011: "As the City Council gets ready to sign agreements for the deep bore tunnel, I feel compelled to yet again put the outrageous cost of this project in perspective. Nicholas Arndt from Tacoma pointed out that for the cost of the deep bore tunnel ($2,000,000,000), you could buy every single Tacoma resident ten $1,000 bicycles each. In fact, the state could buy every single resident in the state a $300 bicycle (and given the bulk discount you must get when buying 6,724,540 bicycles in one order, it would probably be an okay bike). Both the free bicycle and bus pass ideas are clearly ridiculous ideas. But what’s really ridiculous is that they make more sense than the deep bore tunnel. The City Council is proving they don’t actually care about lowering greenhouse gas emissions or improving road safety. They just like saying they do."

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