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Argument: Big government diverts money from more productive uses

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Supporting quotations

Michael Cloud. "Why not big government? The five iron laws." The Center for Small Government: "5. Big Government Programs divert money and energy from positive, productive uses. Big Government Programs are funded with hundreds of billions of tax dollars taken from productive workers and businesses. Every dollar drained from the private sector is a dollar that the individuals and business who earned it can’t spend, save, invest, or give to effective private organizations and programs that help those less fortunate. [...] Charities, churches, and service organizations strive to assist those in need – and help them become self-sufficient. Because these organizations rely on voluntary donations, they are directly accountable to their supporters. Because they operate on lean budgets, they streamline their operations, eliminate needless overhead, and seek better ways to help those unable to help themselves. They regularly produce good results – at a fraction of the expense of comparable Big Government Programs."

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