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Argument: Assault weapons are used by drug cartels, kill thousands

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Supporting evidence

  • Louis E.V. Nevaer. "American guns help fuel Mexico's drug trade killings". SFGate. July 15, 2007 - "(07-15) 04:00 PST Mexico City -- For more than a decade, Mexico has had military checkpoints on all northbound highways leading to the United States. It's part of the campaign to crack down on the flow of drugs to the United States. This summer, things have changed, and Mexico's military is inspecting vehicles traveling on the southbound lanes, checking for shipments of weapons.
This reversal is testament to the dangers Mexico faces, bordering the United States, a country unable to secure its own borders, where assault and paramilitary weapons are sold to anyone with ready cash.
'We are concerned about the number of weapons coming into Mexico and Central America illegally from the United States,' Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said last month when he was attending a conference in Cuernavaca, south of Mexico City. 'There is more that we can do, and we are looking to do, to try and stem the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico.'"
Mexican officials are frantic over the escalation of violence -- more than a thousand people have been slain throughout the country in the first six months of this year in drug-related violence as drug cartels establish new leaders to replace the ones who have been arrested and extradited to the United States."

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