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Argument: Arming Libyan rebels helps deter other dictators

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Supporting quotations

Blake Hounshell. "Should the U.S. arm the Libyan rebels?" Foreign Policy. March 26th, 2011: "what was the alternative? To sit back and watch as Qaddafi butchered his own people and re-imposed control over eastern Libya? Then what? And what kind of impact would that have on democratic uprisings elsewhere in the Middle East? Dictators everywhere would learn the lesson that brutality works, and that -- once again -- the words of the international community mean nothing. An early end to the "Arab Spring" could stoke resentment and bitterness for years, with dangerous consequences not only for the region but for Americans and Europeans as well."

Barry Farber. "Arm Libya's rebels now!" World Net Daily. March 9th, 2011: "Never before have we been so close to letting dictators know their day is done. If we fail, if Gadhafi wins, the message will be: 'Gadhafi had it right. Mubarak had it wrong. To maintain power, you shoot them down. You don't bore them to death with rambling speeches.'"

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