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Argument: Arizona immigration law partly driven by racism

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Supporting quotations

"Arizona law will invite racial profiling." Wiked Local. May 3, 2010: "It’s a scary piece of legislation that will invite racial profiling. What does an “illegal immigrant” look like? In Arizona’s case, it will be someone with brown skin. [...] The state that resisted a Martin Luther King holiday seems to relish discouraging people with darker shades of skin. [...] Arizona voters approved a King holiday in 1992, but only after a tourist boycott and loss of the 1993 Super Bowl, which was supposed to have been played in Tempe. This year’s action might cost the state baseball’s 2011 All-Star game."

"Editorial: Arizona takes on immigration. Regardless of intent, Arizona law dangerous." Tennessean. MAY 2, 2010: "This Southwestern state is not a monolith of intolerance. It just seems so if you judge it by its Legislature — which passed the reprehensible new immigration-enforcement law and refused for years to recognize the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday — and, in some cases, whom it chooses to enforce the law, such as outspoken Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

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