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Argument: Anti illegal immigration measures can violate human rights

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Supporting quotations

"Invisible people, irregular migrants." The Daily Star. June 7th, 2010: "In many countries, health workers, police and public officials are obliged to report the presence of undocumented migrants to the authorities. It has the perverse effect of encouraging criminality and endangering public health, because migrants are too afraid to report crimes or seek medical help when they fall sick. Tightening immigration control without addressing the pressures that induce people to flee has not deterred arrivals. Traffickers and smugglers have found more perilous and circuitous routes at higher financial and human cost. People suffocate in cargo containers, or freeze to death in the undercarriage of transcontinental airliners. Bodies wash up on windswept beaches or are buried in nameless graves in border towns. Those who survive spend the rest of their lives paying off the debts they incurred to make the journey. [...] Fundamental international labour and human rights norms apply to all migrants, whether or not they have legal status. The UN Convention on Migrant Workers explicitly addresses undocumented as well as documented workers, but is the least ratified of the major human rights treaties."

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