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Argument: American founders favored rep democracy over direct dem

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Supporting quotations

The Hon Samuel W McCall Member Congress from Massachusetts in an Representative as Against Direct before the Ohio Bar Association at Annual Meeting held at Cedar Point Ohio 12 1911 said: "The framers of the Constitution were entirely familiar with the failure of direct democracy in the government of numerous populations and they were influenced by their knowledge of that failure in devising our own structure of republican government It is now proposed to abandon the discovery of modern times to which Jefferson referred and which he declared to be the only method by which rights can be secured and to put in its stead the discarded device of the ancients Who then are the reactionaries those who are opposed to the substitution of direct for representative government and are in favor of the progressive principles of the American Constitution or the supporters of direct government who advocate the return to the reactionary policies which thousands of years ago demonstrated their destructive effect upon the government of any considerable populations."[1]

James Boyle. "The initiative and referendum: its folly, fallacies, and failure." (1912): "Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about when he declared that the REPRESENTATIVE SYSTEM was the ONLY DEVICE by which the rights of man could be assured."

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