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Argument: A national primary would abandon the healthy caucus process

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Supporting evidence

  • The News Tribune January 31, 2008, p. 1A - "In the caucus system, neighborhood-level meetings are held in schools, churches and community halls at the same time around the state. Anyone who can vote can participate. As long as you sign an oath swearing allegiance to the party, your participation can range from simply stating your preferred candidate to giving a persuasive speech. Either way, the number of voters for each candidate is then translated into a ratio of delegates. In contrast, the primary system relies on a simple ballot vote to determine the ratio. 'The primaries are very important because they give the broad cross-section of the electorate the chance to express their will and show the nation who Washington thinks ought to be the people on the ballot,' Reed said. On the other hand, 'caucuses are really important because they are entrees to the political party system for people who want to become active,' he said."

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