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Argument: The partitioning of Iraq would benefit counter-terrorism efforts there

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Supporting evidence

  • Partitioning Iraq would enable the the Sunnis to secure their region more effectively: Peter Galbraith "The Case for Dividing Iraq" Time 11/05/06 - "With the security that comes from having their own region, the Sunnis might deal more effectively with the terrorist threat, since continuing violence would prevent economic progress in the Sunni areas. While local leaders are now unwilling to fight the most radical elements of the insurgency when the beneficiary is Iraq's Shi'ites, they may be more willing to do so when it benefits them."
  • The US could still deploy counter-terrorism operations into Iraq (possibly from a Kurdistan): Peter Galbraith "The Case for Dividing Iraq" Time 11/05/06 - "The U.S. will still need an insurance policy against the threat of al-Qaeda in western Iraq. This could be accomplished by deploying a small force to Kurdistan, from which the U.S. could readily move back into the adjacent Sunni areas if necessary to disrupt al-Qaeda operations. This force would discharge a moral debt to the Kurds who fought on our side and could help consolidate democracy in the one part of Iraq that turned out as we hoped."

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