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Argument: The Libertarian view point is not right wing

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Supporting Quotes

  • "We've had some very successful alliances with groups who would never describe themselves as conservative. Take, for example, the ACLU. We've worked with them on three issues in just the last 16 months. But we've worked with, quite literally, dozens of liberal or progressive groups, on a variety of issues. We've opposed: The War in Iraq; the potential attack of Iran; the Patriot Act; the attempts to get around FISA Courts and spy on Americans; tribunals, secret evidence, and the death of habeas corpus; FCC censorship; the Real ID Act; and the Patriot Act. We've supported improved whistleblower protections, greater government transparency, 9/11 accountability, closing the Drug Czar's office, and ending the war on medical marijuana users. And we've done all of this with groups who weren't the least bit conservative." (Quote by Jim Babka from Downsize DC)

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