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Argument: No Child Left Behind has a narrow curriculum

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Extended argument and supporting evidence

A study conducted by the American Heart Association and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education contends that diminishing physical education in school has contributed to rising levels of childhood obesity. - No child left out of the dodgeball game? Trickey, H. (2006). Retrieved 6/7/07

The Center on Public Education found that after implementation of NCLB, 71 percent of the districts surveyed had elementary schools that cut back on instructional time for a subject to make room for more reading and math — the primary focus of the law. - No child left out of the dodgeball game? Trickey, H. (2006). Retrieved 6/7/07

Surveys of public school principals indicate that since the implementation of NCLB, 71% believe instructional time has increased for reading, writing, and math (subjects tested under the law), and decreased for the arts, elementary social studies, and foreign languages.

In some places, the implementation of NCLB during a time of budget restraints has been blamed for the elimination of classes and activities which are outside of NCLB's focus area:<ref>National Education Association (2003) - *[ "Cuts Leave More and More Public School Children Behind". Retrieved 9/15/07

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