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Abuses are exceptional and open to prosecution under existing laws

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Reasons to agree

  1. Abuses happen in polygamy and monogamy; why alienate polygamy Score: +3 -1 = 2
  2. Polygamy is not intrinsically abusive.
  3. Crimes in polygamous communities can be policed with existing laws. Rapes, child-molestations, domestic-crimes, forcing women to marry against their will, and other non-consensual acts can all be enforced within ordinary laws today. Of course, part of the problem is that the illegality of polygamy drives polygamous communities into backwaters where the policing and prosecution of crimes becomes much more difficult.

Reasons to disagree

  1. Polygamy ordains men to dominate and abuse wives.
  2. Polygamy is abusive in depriving women of the right to consent (above).
  3. Polygamy is abusive in depriving women of many individual rights (above).
  4. Polygamous husbands effectively own their wives.
  5. Polygamous husbands often favor wives that give the most sexual favors.
  6. The polygamous "sleep rotation" schedules are abusive to sexual rights. Women in polygamous families often have to participate in "sleep rotation" schedules, in which they are given a time and night in which they have to sleep with and have sex with their husbands. This is abusive to the dignity of womens' reproductive organs and sexual wishes.
  7. Priesthoods frequently take wives away from unruly husbands This is obviously abusive to women and their individual rights.
  8. Polygamy creates a competition for women that lowers age of marriage Polygamy puts an inherent pressure on men to stretch age boundaries, marrying women at an every younger age so as to "claim" them before anyone else does. This risks men marrying children or teens while they are still minors. That polygamy creates an inherent structure for this to occur should be of serious concern.
  9. Fundamentalist polygamy dress codes are misogynous and oppressive
  10. Polygamy facilitates the practice of forced marriages. In the religion-inspired, male-dominated communities in which polygamy thrives, the practice of forced marriages is rampant. Male-dominated priesthoods effectively control the women they marry. The priesthood effectively transfers a woman to a man to marry, whereupon the man effectively "owns" that woman.

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